Safe Stay

The Garden of Iris

Once, here, was the home of Grandma Iris. Born in Switzerland, she decided to move here to Sicily, in love with its wonders.

This is her garden.

Iris looked after this enchanting space with passion and dedication, tending her plants with that artistic touch that always distinguished her.

The colours of this Mediterranean maquis and the enveloping scents are reminiscent of some of the works Iris hung on these walls.

A Sicilian garden with a minimalist style, sweet but firm like the changing fragrances of the bulbs planted many years ago.

This is how we wish to welcome you.

We wish to make you feel good, to tell you with passion about the ancient flavours of the island, accompanying them with the wines produced under the volcano, and to ensure that everything around you is harmonious and never predictable.

A happy memory, linked to a moment experienced in Sicily. This is what we prepare every evening.