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Sicilia's Residence Hotel can be an excellent base from which to explore the wonders of Sicily. Within a few kilometers you can discover splendid works of art, millennia-old stories and myths, breathtaking nature trails and typical Sicilian villages. Here's what's nearby:

  • Experiences 3
    Santuario di Valverde
    about 6 km

    A splendid shrine that, besides showing itself in its artistic magnificence, has a fascinating history behind it. In fact, it is said that it was founded by a bandit to whom Our Lady appeared, three times. The work was allegedly financed with money stolen by the crook who then decided to convert to God.

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  • Experiences 4
    Historical centre of Catania
    about 12 km

    A Baroque masterpiece recognized worldwide. Discover the majestic Piazza Duomo, with its cathedral and mythological elephant; Via Etnea framed by Mount Etna; the splendid churches of Via Crociferi; and the nightlife of the area around the Massimo Theater.

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  • Experiences 5
    about 30 km

    Europe's largest active volcano: his majesty Mount Etna. The beating heart of the province of Catania, a must-see half of the year: barren, almost lunar landscapes alternate with rich forests. Visit the craters and admire the brilliant fountains and gushes of lava that stand out in the night and light up an entire city.

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  • Experiences 6
    about 30 km

    One of the largest, most visited and spectacular water parks in southern Europe. Slides, Kamikaze, Tobogan, as well as wave pools, rivers, solariums and dozens of fun opportunities for the whole family and all ages. Surrounded by vegetation, Etnaland is an oasis all made in Sicily.

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  • Experiences 7
    about 45 km

    The pearl of the Ionian Sea: a splendid resort admired by the inner world. Stroll through its quaint alleys where colors and scents enhance every experience; look out on the many belvederes that return a truly breathtaking view of the gulf; get lost among the little stores and boutiques and savor the taste of a delicious island at any hour of the day or night.

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  • Experiences 8
    about 80 km

    One of the most beautiful Sicilian cities: majestic in its pristine white stone that reflects a glowing light under the warm sun and gives beautiful visual contrasts with the blue of the sky and sea. Syracuse has so much to offer: from Ortigia to the ancient theater via the Ear of Dionysius. A unique cross-section of Sicilianity.

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  • Experiences 9
    Aeolian Islands
    about 130 km

    A beautiful archipelago that offers entertainment and culture for all tastes: from the charm of Vulcano to the nightlife of Panarea, from the wild landscapes of Salina to the timeless charm of Lipari. Islands to experience from day to night, with breathtaking sunsets and dreamy sunrises. A half envied the world over.

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