Safe Stay

Safe stay

Am oasis of peace and relaxation

Sicilia's Residence Hotel - Art & Spa is an oasis of peace and relaxation that allows you to regenerate in absolute and total safety, in line with the demands of this period. Many of our rooms, moreover, are equipped with a fully-equipped kitchenette, so you can also take your meals in your room, managing your stay in total safety. To our spaces, already designed to guarantee maximum privacy and independence, we add a very careful modus operandi and management that passes through precise sanitisation procedures.

More security to guarantee a Covid Free stay

With us, you can be sure of enjoying a holiday that combines the comforts of a hotel with the safety, in terms of hygiene and sanitation, due to our procedures and architecture.

We are a Residence-Hotel, i.e. an accommodation structure with low architecture, maximum 2 floors, with 22 large suites ranging from 30 to 60 square metres, with independent access from open-air spaces and all equipped with kitchenette, dining area, large terrace or garden surrounded by a green park with swimming pool!

In practice, an autonomous and independent house-suite that guarantees social distancing without having to give up the pleasures and comforts of a real holiday!

Requirements for 'Covid-19 security' Sicilia's Residence Hotel:

- Room access from open-air spaces
- Possibility of preparing your own breakfast, lunch and dinner directly in your room using a private kitchen-dining area
- Possibility of purchasing a selection of typical Sicilian products (food, drinks, wines) directly in the hotel to be consumed in your room
- Availability of large open-air communal areas for the breakfast room
- Availability of large open-air communal areas for the restaurant room
- Absence of lifts
- Absence of indoor corridors
- Spa for exclusive use by individual room reservation only

We are pleased to inform you that each of our hotels has a Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (DEA) and that members of staff are certified to use it.

In this way, we want to offer guests additional peace of mind during their stay: their safety in our hotels is also part of the experience that we strive to make unforgettable every day.

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